NEWS:    Movit donates to Divine Mercy’s Babies Home in 26th anniversary celebrations
Welcome to Movit Foundation

Empowering Change and Creating a Life-Supporting Impact.

At the heart of the Movit Foundation lies a steadfast commitment to overcoming socioeconomic disparities. We firmly believe that every individual, regardless of their starting point, should be granted an equal opportunity to thrive in life. Our foundation champions the principles of inclusivity, social equity, and the recognition of inherent potential.

Our dedicated efforts revolve around breaking down barriers and creating pathways that empower individuals from diverse backgrounds. We strive to foster a journey towards success that is marked by equality and an abundance of possibilities. Through strategic investments, the Movit Foundation channels resources towards social redress, with a keen focus on healthcare, education, gender equality, and humanitarian response.

Unite for a Purpose

Vision: To empower and give back to Communities in Africa through initiatives that are meaningful,
relevant, and sustainable.
Mission: Community development through day-to-day small executions with a massive wholistic
 Passion
 Community Focus
 Care
 Teamwork
 Partnership

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