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Maternal Health

The Challenge

The most significant challenge in maternal health in Uganda is the high maternal mortality rate, which is a result of factors like limited access to healthcare, especially in rural areas, a shortage of skilled healthcare pro fessionals, inadequate healthcare infrastructure, cultural and social barriers, poverty, lack of education, and high rates of teenage pregnancies. These issues collectively increase the risks for pregnant women and new mothers, highlighting the urgent need for comprehensive strategies to improve healthcare access, infrastruc ture, and education

The Intervention

In response to this critical challenge, initiatives like those undertaken by Movit Foundation are crucial. In Uganda, and across Africa, maternal health is a pressing issue, with Sub-Saharan Africa accounting for ap proximately 66% of global maternal deaths, primarily due to preventable causes such as hemorrhage and hy pertension. With a maternal mortality ratio in Uganda of about 336 deaths per 100,000 live births, Movit Foun dation's commitment to reversing this trend is vital. By ensuring mothers have access to quality prenatal and postnatal care, and by providing education about maternal health, these efforts aim to safeguard not only the lives of mothers but also the well-being of children and the socioeconomic stability of communities. Without such interventions, there is a risk of perpetuating a cycle of poverty and poor health, further exacerbating the challenges faced in maternal health