Sheila Birungi brings a wealth of experience and a passion for community engagement to her role as Vice President on our Foundation board. With a background in human resource management and education, Sheila possesses a unique skill set that enriches our board’s diversity and expertise.

As the Managing Director of Birus Property Services, a commercial real estate company, Sheila demonstrates exceptional leadership and management capabilities. Her ability to oversee operations, drive strategic initiatives, and foster growth within the company reflects her commitment to excellence and innovation.

Sheila’s entrepreneurial background further enhances her contributions to our board. Her experience as an entrepreneur has equipped her with valuable insights into business development, strategy, and stakeholder engagement. These skills are instrumental in guiding our Foundation towards achieving its goals and maximizing its impact within the community.

Beyond her professional endeavours, Sheila is deeply committed to giving back to society. Her partnerships with charity groups to support vulnerable communities during Easter and Christmas annually exemplify her philanthropic spirit and dedication to making a positive difference in people’s lives. Her ongoing support for an orphanage home in Jinja, Eastern Uganda, underscores her compassion and commitment to social responsibility.

As Vice President on our Foundation board, Sheila’s leadership, strategic vision, and community involvement are invaluable assets. Her passion for making a difference, coupled with her ability to inspire others, drives our board’s collective efforts towards creating meaningful change and uplifting those in need.

Sheila Birungi’s diverse background, leadership acumen, and dedication to philanthropy make her an invaluable asset to our Foundation board. Her contributions play a pivotal role in shaping our Foundation’s mission and ensuring that we continue to make a positive impact in the communities we serve.