Steven Mwesigwa

Treasurer – Movit Foundation

Steven Mwesigwa’s impressive background and extensive experience make him an invaluable member of our board. With a track record of success in various leadership roles and a commitment to excellence, Steven brings a wealth of expertise to our Foundation.

As Chief Commercial Officer at Movit Products, Steven is responsible for driving commercial strategy, focusing on revenue growth and market share leadership in East Africa. His strategic planning skills, honed through his MSc in Strategic Planning from EBS Heriot-Watt, enable him to develop and execute effective strategies that align with the Foundation’s objectives. His ability to lead and document strategic plans ensures clarity and alignment across teams, fostering a unified approach towards achieving commercial success.

Steven’s experience in finance, exemplified by his roles as Group Chief Financial Officer at Movit Products and Vice President Finance at Barclays Bank, provides him with a unique perspective on financial management. This expertise allows him to make informed decisions and allocate resources effectively to drive sustainable growth.

As a board member of our Foundation, Steven’s leadership skills and strategic vision are invaluable assets. His ability to lead major process and systems change initiatives demonstrates his capacity to drive organizational transformation and create meaningful impact. Additionally, his experience in providing direct support and advisory to SMEs underscores his commitment to fostering growth and development within the community.

Steven Mwesigwa’s diverse skill set, extensive experience, and dedication to excellence make him a valuable member of our Foundation board. His leadership, strategic acumen, and commitment to driving positive change are instrumental in guiding our Foundation towards achieving its mission and making a lasting difference in the community.